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MesajSubiect: Comenzi Admin   Mar Apr 28, 2009 10:49 pm

Deoarece toata lumea imi cerea lista de comenzi ale puso aici sa o vada toata lumea mare si frumos.

admin_help <keyword or string | # >:
Displays information about available commands

admin_ban <target or WONID or IP> [<minutes>]:
Bans target for specified number of
minutes. 0 minutes is a permanent ban.

Cancels the current HLFD-style vote (Votes done with "say"

admin_cfg <config file>:
Executes the named config file on server.

admin_chat <msg>:
Sends a private message to all other admins on the server.

admin_csay <color> <msg>:
Shows message in center of screen. <color> is optional.

admin_ct <target>:
Force targeted player to change to CT team (CS only)

admin_denymap <map>:
Removes all votes for map during vote.

Starts disco fever on all players. Requires fun mode be on.

admin_enableallweapons: (CS plugin only)
Allows all weapons to be purchased. Use
to remove all active weapon restrictions.

admin_enableequipment: (CS plugin only)
Allows all equipment to be purchased. Use
to remove all active equipment purchase restrictions.

admin_enablemenu <menu #>: (CS plugin only)
Remove restriction from specified menu.

admin_enableweapon <menu #> <weapon #>: (CS plugin only)
Remove restriction from specified weapon.

admin_execall <command>:
Force every player to execute a command locally (limited).

admin_execclient <target> <command>:
Force specified player to execute local command.

admin_execteam <team> <command>:
Force everyone on team to execute local command.

admin_fraglimit <fraglimit>:
Sets the server's mp_fraglimit cvar.

admin_friendlyfire <on | off>:
Sets the server's mp_friendlyfire cvar.

admin_fun <on | 1 | off | 0>:
Turns fun mode on (1) or off (0), allowing a variety
of other commands to be used on the server.

admin_gag <target> [<minutes>]:
Gag the specified target for the specified number
of minutes. Specifying 0 minutes results in a
permanent gag. (see admin_ungag)

admin_glow <color | "off">:
Causes you to glow that color. Requires fun mode.

admin_godmode <target> <"on" | "off">:
Sets godmode on target.

admin_gravity <gravity>:
Sets the sv_gravity cvar.

admin_hostname <name>:
Sets the hostname cvar.

admin_kick <target> [<reason>]:
Kicks target.

Shows maps in mapcycle.

Lists all spawned entities.

admin_llama <target>:
Llama-fy target. Changes name to Llama and makes them speak
in a new language.

admin_map <map_name>:
Changes map without disconnecting players, same as using
changelevel via rcon on a server.

admin_messagemode <command>:
Will treat things you 'say' as command.

admin_movespawn <identity> <X> <Y> <Z> <XAngle> <YAngle> <ZAngle>:
Moves a spawned item.

Shows next map in the cycle.

admin_noclip <target> <"on" | "off">:
Sets noclip on target.

Will treat 'say' as 'say' (removes messagemode).

Clears the server's password if set.

admin_pass <password>:
Sets the server's password.

Sets the pausable cvar to 1.

admin_psay <target> <msg>:
Sends a private msg to target player.

admin_rcon <cmd>:
Executes specified rcon command on server.

Reloads Admin Mod files.

admin_removespawn <identity>:
Removes a spawned item.

admin_restartround <#>:
Restarts the round on the same map in # seconds

Disallow purchase of all weapons on server

Disallow purchase of all equipment on server

admin_restrictmenu <menu #>:
Disallow purchase of anything from specified menu

admin_restrictweapon <menu #> <weapon #>:
Disallow purchase of specified weapon

admin_say <msg>:
Shows a text message from you as admin.

admin_servercfg <config file>:
Sets the specified config file as the server's default.

admin_slap <target>:
Slaps target player.

admin_slay <target>:
Slays (kills) target player.

admin_slayteam <team>:
Slays everyone on the specified team.

admin_spawn <class> <X> <Y> <Z> <XAngle> <YAngle> <ZAngle>:
Spawns a new item.

admin_ssay <msg>:
Shows a text message from admin without identification.

Will stack everyone on top of you.

Starts an HLFD-style vote.

admin_t <target>:
Forces targeted player to join the Terrorist team (CS only)

admin_teamplay <teamplay>:
Sets the mp_teamplay cvar. (TFC only)

admin_teleport <target> <X> <Y> <Z>:
Teleports target to the given coordinates. See
admin_userorigin for related command.

Shows the time left on the map.

admin_timelimit <timelimit>:
Sets the mp_timelimit cvar. Value = minutes.

admin_tsay [color] <msg>:
Prints msg on lower right of screen in the color specified.

admin_unban <WONID or IP>:
Unbans specified WON ID or IP address..

admin_ungag <target>:
Ungag target.

admin_unllama <target>:
Unllama-fy target.

Sets the pausable cvar to 0, making the server
non-pausable by players

admin_userlist [<name>]:
Shows a list of players on the server.

admin_userorigin <target>:
Returns the X, Y, Z coordinates of target player.

admin_vote_kick <target>:
Starts a public vote to kick target.

admin_vote_map <map>:
Starts a public vote to change the map.

admin_vsay <question>:
Presents the specified question as a vote.

say rockthevote:
Starts an HLFD vote by typing the command in "say" mode

say vote <map>:
Places a vote for the map.

say glow <color | "off">:
Causes you to glow that color. Works in fun mode only.
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